Shortlist candidates with soft skills that stand out

Assess candidates based on culture fit, resilience and other unique traits tailored for each job

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The TraitForward Process

Select a job-specific personality questionnaire

Send it to the applicants and await their responses

Receive an interview guide with candidate results

Conduct targeted interviews based on insights

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    The Ultimate Assessment Platform for the Modern Recruiter

    TraitForward is not just any psychometric tool; nor just another assessment software. It is the culmination of independent scientific research and cutting-edge technology, specifically designed to help recruitment professionals who seek to enhance and simplify their recruitment processes.
    Here’s what TraitForward offers:

    A user-friendly assessment platform

    Manage and interpret job-specific assessments for a streamlined recruitment process.

    • Select the job-specific, pre-employment questionnaire that you need.
    • Send it to the applicants within minutes.
    • Receive comprehensive results with ease.

    Precision through Scientific Job-Role Mapping

    Benefit from a solid scientific foundation to conduct interviews with precision and purpose.

    • Gain access to meticulously created assessments, based on Job Category and Job Role.
    • Evaluate candidates not only for their technical knowledge and experience but also for their soft skills.
    • Save valuable time on assessment procedures and reduce your workload — all while maintaining quality throughout your evaluations.
    • Eliminate the risk of incorrect candidate choices, ensuring a good fit for each job role.

    Reports you can confidently share with your clients

    Receive comprehensive reports on candidates’ results and give valuable feedback to your clients in clear and understandable language.

    • Get detailed reports on the candidates’ results.
    • Effortlessly compare results among candidates vying for the same position.
    • Leverage the platform’s suggested interview questions within a structured framework.
    • Access automatically generated score reports, filtered by candidate.
    • Ensure a seamless cultural fit within your client’s organization.
    • Export customizable reports tailored to your requirements.
    • Offer your clients key insights into the critical traits essential for the job position, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

    Get automatically produced score reports, filtered by candidate.
    Generate and export customizable reports, as you need them.

    Confidence in Scientific Validity

    Trust in a credible and dependable tool, backed by scientific research, to enhance the precision of your evaluations.

    • Rely on questions developed by the esteemed Oregon Research Institute.
    • Rest assured knowing that these questions have been employed in over 900 independent academic publications.
    • Utilize hand-picked questions closely aligned with specific occupations.
    • Take comfort in the knowledge that all our assessment scales exceed the benchmark value of 0.7 for Cronbach’s Alpha, ensuring a high level of precision in your evaluations.