Making personality
assessments accessible to all

TraitForward is a platform that delivers psychometric testing as a service, created by psychometric solutions experts, that makes it easy to quickly build questionnaires online, and manage the assessment process end-to-end.

Our goal is to offer an open, science-based way to create tailor-made personality questionnaires.

Pavlos Stamboulides
Founder and CEO,
Psychologist and Developer

Our Team

Loukas Avramidis
Project Lead and Web Developer

Sotiris Moursias
Sys Admin and Security Officer

Dimitris Tsingos

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    Psychometric testing in the recruitment process

    When recruiting is not well-aimed or well-run it’s highly likely to lead to the wrong hire; a person that is not suitable for the specific role or one that is not a fit for the particular company. One way to prevent that and, thus, reduce the cost of employee turnover is to leverage psychometric testing.