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Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerk


A Hotel Motel Resort Desk Clerk assists guests with check-in and check-out, provides information about the hotel and local attractions, and handles reservations and billing. They must be organized, detail-oriented, and have excellent customer service skills.

The main responsibilities of a hotel, motel, or resort desk clerk include welcoming guests as they arrive, checking them in and out, assigning rooms and keys, answering phone calls and emails, responding to guest inquiries and complaints, processing payments, and maintaining accurate records of guest activity. They may also be responsible for providing information about local attractions and amenities, making reservations for guests, and coordinating with other hotel staff to ensure that guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Common tasks 

    TaskRelated trait(s)
    Greeting guests Amiability Cheerfulness Extroversion
    Making and modifying reservations and checking guests in and out of the hotel or resort Amiability
    Answering guest inquiries, providing assistance and information Amiability Cheerfulness Competence
    Handling payments Conscientiousness
    Maintaining records of guest information and room assignments Conscientiousness
    Coordinating with housekeeping and maintenance staff Conscientiousness
    Maintaining a clean and organized front desk area Conscientiousness
    Ensuring that supplies and materials are adequately stocked Conscientiousness
    Providing wake-up calls Conscientiousness
    Arranging for transportation or other services requested by guests Conscientiousness
    Complying with health and safety regulations and legislation and responding to emergency situations Conscientiousness Teamplayer Helping Others
    Adhering to all hotel policies and procedures Conscientiousness

    Soft skills measured by TraitForward

    TraitNo of QuestionsCronbach’s  alpha (α)
    Do they have a desirable work ethic?
    Will they remain calm in the face of adversity?
    Do they have a cheerful attitude?
    Can they identify problems and propose solutions?
    Can they handle social situations?
    Teamplayer Helping Others60.75
    Do they like helping others?
    *Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (α) determines the extent to which the questions consistently measure each trait and it is expressed as a number ranging between 0 and 1 . Higher values indicate higher agreement between questions.  A value of α equal to greater than .7 indicates acceptable reliability or internal consistency.  For more information on the psychometric properties of the solution, please click here.

    Did you Know?

    Source: US Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Median wage: 

    $28,080 / per year

    $13.5 / hour

    A relatively low annual wage is $21,440 (10th percentile)

    A relatively high salary of the annual wage is $36,470 (90th percentile)

    Expected employment growth:

    Number of professionals occupied in US in 2021: 2.39 K

    Projected number of professionals occupied in US in 2031: 2.73 K

    Employment percent change: 14,4 %

    Entry Education level:

    To become a hotel, motel, or resort desk clerk, one typically needs a high school diploma or equivalent, although some employers may require additional education or experience. Desk clerks must have excellent communication and customer service skills, as they interact with guests throughout their shift. They must also have strong organizational and multitasking skills and be able to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously. Basic computer skills and knowledge of reservation and accounting software are also important for desk clerks. Finally, a friendly and professional demeanor is essential for this role, as desk clerks are often the first point of contact for guests and must create a positive first impression.

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