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Sales Clerk


A sales clerk’s duties include assisting customers in retail settings by answering questions, providing product information, and processing transactions. They operate cash registers, maintain store cleanliness, and organize merchandise displays. Sales clerks also restock shelves, receive shipments, and manage inventory. Their primary goal is to ensure a positive shopping experience for customers.

Sales clerk may work in a variety of industries, mostly in retail. The specific duties and responsibilities of a sales clerk may vary depending on the industry and company they work for.

Common tasks 

    TaskRelated trait(s)
    Prospecting for new customers and leads. Effective listening  Understanding customers Resourcefulness  Determination
    Researching and understanding the needs of potential customers. Effective listening  Understanding customers Resourcefulness
    Negotiating deals and contracts with customers. Effective listening  Resourcefulness 
    Managing and maintaining relationships with existing customers. Effective listening  Understanding customers Resourcefulness  Integrity
    Developing a deep understanding of the company’s products or services. Attention to detail
    Collaborating with other sales team members and departments to achieve sales objectives. Dutifulness Supportive attitude

    Soft skills measured by TraitForward

    TraitNo of QuestionsCronbach’s  alpha (α)
    Effective listening80.71
    Are they skilled at understanding others’ viewpoints, empathizing with their feelings, and acknowledging diverse perspectives?
    Persuasive communication110.84
    Can they effectively engage customers, convey ideas confidently, and inspire action through their communication skills?
    Attention to detail80.77
    Are they meticulous, organized, and punctual in their approach to tasks and responsibilities?
    Understanding customers60.70
    Can they empathize with customers and anticipate their needs to enhance their experience?
    Are they committed to upholding standards, following rules, and fostering a professional work environment?
    Supportive attitude60.75
    Can they demonstrate a genuine willingness to assist others and contribute positively to the team?
    Are they adept at creatively solving problems and innovating in sales environments?
    Social confidence50.77
    Can you describe a time when you had to interact with a difficult customer? How did your social confidence help you handle the situation?
    Are they adept at engaging with others and navigating social interactions in sales environments?
    Do they demonstrate honesty, ethics, and principled behavior in their interactions, fostering trust and positive relationships?
    Are they proficient in managing multiple tasks simultaneously, demonstrating productivity and adaptability?
    Are they resilient and committed to achieving goals despite challenges or setbacks?
    *Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (α) determines the extent to which the questions consistently measure each trait and it is expressed as a number ranging between 0 and 1 . Higher values indicate higher agreement between questions.  A value of α equal to greater than .7 indicates acceptable reliability or internal consistency.  For more information on the psychometric properties of the solution, please click here.

    Did you Know?

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    Median wage: 

    $40,000 / per year

    $14.94 / hour

    The lowest 10% earned less than $31,620, and the highest 10% earned more than $45,000

    Expected employment growth:

    Number (in thousands in 2021): 508.7

    Number (in thousands in 2031): 528.4

    Employment percent change: 0.6

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